Izlet Mokra Gora

Trip to Mokra Gora

Departure at 09:00 and 12:00 from the Zlatibor Bus Station.

A drive through the village of Šljivovica, known for its extremely beautiful nature and fruit products, as well as for the “Rakijada” event. The road takes us further through the village of Kremna, the birthplace of famous prophets Tarabić.

Arriving to the Mokra Gora station and driving along the Shargan Eight, which will take you from Mokra Gora to the Shargan Vitasi station through 22 tunnels, over five bridges, overcoming an altitude difference of 300 meters, all at a total distance of 15,440 meters.

During your ride, you will have the opportunity to see the richness and beauty of the nature of this area from one of the five lookouts. During the ride, there will be short breaks at the stations Golubići, Jatare, Šargan Vitasi and at the lookouts Krst osmice and Ludi kamen and give you the opportunity to take beautiful photos of the amazing landscape. The ride takes 2 hours and 10 minutes.

After the ride and this unforgettable adventure, we will visit Drvengrad, built on the hill Mećavnik according to the idea of ​​the famous film director Emir Kusturica for the purpose of shooting the film “Life is a Miracle”. Drvengrad has everything that a small town should have, from a church, cafes and restaurants, and it is especially interesting that every street, even a wooden house, has its own name, after a famous person from a movie, literature or music.


  • Transportation by luxury minibus with audio guide in Serbian and English language
  • Expenses for organization of the trip


  • Train ticket for Shargan eight ride: 900.00 RSD for adults and 450.00 RSD for children
  • Entrance ticket for Drvengrad: 250.00 Rsd
  • Individual passenger costs


  • In cash, total amount in advance


  • The deadline for cancellation of the trip is one day before departure.
  • The Agency is not responsible for changes in ticket prices at the locations.


  • In case of insufficient number of passengers, the deadline for cancellation of the trip is 1 day before departure.
  • The Agency reserves the right to adjust prices in case of changes in the monetary market.
  • The Agency is not responsible for any other verbal information about the travel program.
  • The Agency reserves the right to change certain contents in the program due to objective circumstances.
  • The General Travel Conditions of the travel agency Monix d.o.o. apply to this program.

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