Trip to Uvac

Departure at 09:00 and 12:00 from the Zlatibor Bus Station.

Drive through Kokin Brod and Nova Varoš. Arrival to the Uvac Lake and one hour boat tour with a visit to the Ice Cave. Three hours rafting on Uvac Lake. A visit of Uvac Special Nature Reserve and the Griffon Vulture habitat. Continuing the trip to the village of Štitkovo. Visit of Dubnica monastery in the village of Božetići.

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Uvac-special nature reserve represents a natural asset of exceptional interest -that is the first category natural asset protected by the state since 1971. It is located in south western part of Serbia, between Sjenica and Nova Varoš, and between Javor and Zlatar mountains, in the area od 7.543 hectares. Area surrounding the Uvac has earned the special nature reserve status due to unique plant and animal species. The most significant, as well as the most famous among these is the griffon vulture-symbol of this valley inhabited by more than one hundred of bird specie.

Dubnica Monastery belongs to the Mileševa Diocese of the Serbian Orthodox Church. According to folk beliefs zhis monastery is associated to ancient Nemanjić dynasty endowments. The Raškovićs who also originated from the lineage of the Nemanjić dynasty have restored it at later period. Narrators and chronicles say that Arsenije Čarnojević had spent his last winter here before the Great Migration of the Serbs.

Zlatar lake is the third-largest lake in Serbia. It is 15 to 20 kilometres long and has the area of 7.25 sq km. This is an ideal place for vacations -with shores suitably acommodated pontoon beach, volleyball court and swimming pool for children. The largest part of the lake is navigable and a boat trip is a beautiful experience as well as an ideal opportunity to see the area surrounding the lake.

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